The Association for Integrity in Health Care Documentation®

The Association for Integrity in Health Care Documentation® (AIHCD), is an organization of professionals who are impacted directly and indirectly by the changes that are occurring today in health care reform, specifically, the changes that are generated or communicated through the documentation within the medical record. We are physicians, nurses, HIMs, clinical documentation integrity specialists and clinical documentation improvement specialists, as well as health care attorneys, computer IT Techs and revenue cycle specialists. We would love for you to join us in helping to interpret, provide compliance to and be impactful of the changes occurring within health care today.

AIHCD is an advocacy group that brings together all facets of health care in the inpatient and ambulatory setting so that our voices can collectively communicate to each other how we need to go and be heard within the changes in health care. Instead of being silos of individual areas in health care, we would become one complete unified professional organization to be actively and proactively dynamic in the future of health care.

AIHCD is also here to hear your voice and hear what you feel needs to be modified, improved, or communicated throughout health care so that, again, we can implement activism and organization.

Those of us who work in health care should be in the forefront of having a voice in the future of health care. You are being asked to give your opinion, your thoughts. We look forward to interacting and working together for the healthcare communication betterment for all.



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